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Meet Bella (SM), She is my Niece 9 years old she is Mike & Reina 2nd Child, she loves riding her bike and roller blading, skate boarding and she loves to sing. Max (M), He is my Nephew Mike & Reina 3rd Child he loves playing tricks on everyone, gardening he loves flowers and having lots of Fun . Aaron (LG), is my Youngest Brother he is a Father of 2 children he loves Arm Wrestling, making cribbage boards out of wood and designing beautiful plaques he is a loving Father and Brother. These Skunk planters are built out of real cedar wood, except for Aaron. Aaron is handcrafted from landscaping timbers. They all have weatherized finish, so they are built to last to add character to your home garden, patio, and indoor/outdoor living space. Just add some fresh flowers and pops of color in a fun and creative way bringing you so much happiness for years to come.

Colors can be customized! (Please contact seller for color requests)

Sizes can be customize! (Please contact seller for size requests)

  • Handcrafted in Maine.
  • All Hand Painted.
  • Made from real cedar wood. Medium and Small
  • Large from Landscaping Timbers
  • Weatherized finish.
  • Octagon shaped base
  • Flowers not included.


    Bella the Skunk - Small: 7”L X 4”W X 3”H Fits on Window Sill

    Max the Skunk - Medium: 18"L X 10"W X 8"H

    Aaron the Skunk - Large: 22"L X 12"W X 10"H